Media Center PRO™ is built for your digital needs.

Stop and think for a minute. 

How many messages did you send last week to your residents and prospects? Did you lose count?

In a single busy day, your team has to:

  • Notify residents of package deliveries (because nobody wants their meal delivery to melt).
  • Issue reminders about pet policies (because those were your favorite shoes!).
  • Respond to maintenance requests (because a broken A/C unit isn’t fun for anyone).

All while making sure incoming leads are handled promptly and professionally. And that’s just one day.

Spend less time sending messages and improve renter engagement with Media Center PRO. 

You need a solution to manage your messaging - to make it fast and easy to text one resident or email 20 prospects, to ensure that all emails have a consistent look and feel, and to keep track of all the big and little electronic conversations that happen in a busy day.

Media Center PRO from RentPath offers the functionality that multifamily communities need.

Reach your renters on the go. 
Engage your renters in an actual conversation with 2-way texting. Not only can you send quick messages and alerts to residents and prospects, but now you can also receive responses back. Manage inbound messages from a desktop or mobile device.

Send mobile-optimized emails. 
You already have renters' email addresses. Use them! Our professionally-designed, mobile optimized templates let you get your message to renters no matter what device they're using. Manage inbound email responses on a desktop or mobile device from the MyRentPath portal. 

When you need print, do it right. 
Create high-quality print flyers with Media Center PRO. Our professionally-designed templates help keep brand consistency and quality standards high. Print instantly in your office or use our third-party printers to order and ship directly to your property. 


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